mandag 24. januar 2011

Finally back home!

After a wonderful 4 week vacation wisiting family in Toronto - we are back home in Norway... 
It has been a rough week with the hole family badly "jet-lagged". Bun had difficulties getting back on european time, and so did we..
The flight was also kind of a nightmare as she just couldnt find peace to sleep through.  Needless to say we experienced a pretty long trip with emotions pooring out in every situation! :p
Hee is a pic from when she did manage to get a few minutes sleep.

Now its getting better but Bun is still having some anxiety problems at night. Im hoping we can help her out of it soon :)

Just a couple days left before we have a real 2 year old toddler in the house! Wow - how do time fly!

Charlotte  BunBun...knowing, clouds will rage and storms will race in but you will be safe in my arms! Rains will pour down, waves will crash around-but you will be safe in my arms... 

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