lørdag 30. oktober 2010

Actionshots of the wonderful "Spooky" ruffled overalls!

BunBun at daycare Thursday - They were having their 1st class photo taken and off course we had to dress her up a bit! A bit serious - as it turned out she had an eye infection starting up, but I love the shot anyway!

Thank you mama for making BunBun this wonderful overall!
*love and treasure you forever and always!*


Finally got a shot of DD in her new RHS and

Thank you Julia for dying up enough yarn and Marilyn for doing an amazing job with our custom RidingHood Sweater and Carousel Beret!
I looooove how it turned out, and DD goes "ahh, so pretty!" every time she sees it and has to wear it right away!
Its been super clowdy and wet here the past few weeks - but today I couldn't wait anymore - NEEDED pics of this!

*My lill princess is growing up!! 21 months old now *

Its Shy Violets "Lickety Split" colorway on LT

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

My Cheeky lil monkey!

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

*see ya, mommy.....*

Click the image to open in full size.

onsdag 27. oktober 2010

A wonderful "Spooky" Halloween overall!

My amazing mama knitted this gorgeousness for my daughter for Halloween! Im super happy with how it worked out and tomorrow it will be my lil Buns outfit for her 1st baby class photo at daycare! Im utterly in love - my mama is an artist with string!

Yarn is Shy Violet "Spooky" on BFL and buttons from Tessa Ann

Cant wait to share actionshots!!

fredag 22. oktober 2010

Yarn Bonanza!!

Just received:

Shy Violet "Airplane" 8oz + trim on BBR

Mosaic Moon "Tresor" 12oz Gaia Worsted

Garnet på vei:

Bear & Pants Merry Main Street 8oz + 4oz trim Mountain Meadow Wool (jule sett)

Dashing Dachs "Little Colt" - 8oz + trim på Stallion

Dashing Dachs 8oz *October DK yarn club surprise*

Nurturing Threads "Rainbird" - 8 oz på Aran twist & 8oz Aria Bulky + 4oz aqua & 4oz purple trim

Nurturing Threads Blue Suede Shoes 8oz on Aria Worsted + brown trim

StickyPeas "Jolly Brown" 8 oz. Balsam SW Merino + 4oz Olive & 4oz Purple trim

StickyPeas "Dragonflies" 8oz. Balsam SW Merino + 4oz. pink trim

Mosaic Moon "Wisteria" - 8oz. Licorice Twist & 8oz. Gaia Organic Bulky (Thank you Saeria)

Mosaic Moon "Cornish Pixie" - 8oz. Gaia Organic Worsted

Lollytree "Junebug" - 8oz. Kona SW worsted + 4oz Brown trim

Lollytree "Izzy" - 8oz. Gaia Bulky + 2oz Olive green + 2oz Burgunder trim (Bildet under unner ikke denne rettferdighet, derfor legger jeg inn bilde av prøvelappe og )

Lollytree "Cowboy Up" 8oz. BBR

Lollytree 8oz semi solid Purple on Bulky Gaia
Lollytree 8oz semi solid Silver Gray on Kona SW DK

torsdag 21. oktober 2010

OUR Rainbow Doll is finished!!! Wow!

She is absolutely stunning - and definetively the most beautiful Waldorf inspired doll I have seen!

Thank you so much Megan, for making this wonderful doll for DD - Thank you mum for getting her for DD for x-mas!! Check her out!!

onsdag 20. oktober 2010

New shipment of yummy diapers for DD!

This time they are lucious minky prints - from the same Ebay seller :) 20 of them!

torsdag 14. oktober 2010

Rainbow heaven!

I've always been a sucker for Rainbow colors.. As a child I used to spend hours watching Rainbow Brite, Sandi Bell, My Little Pony and Popples. I used to draw them constantly and when I decided to rearrange Bolla's diaper stash for daycare - I went for the cheap option and ordered first a 10 pack of solid color pockets from a Hong Kong seller at Ebay. They arrived quickly and I looove them! Have to say the quality accided my expectations :)

Look at this gorgeous Rainbow of diapers! (the Fuzzi Bunz was a new purchase that arrived on the same day- gorgeous grape! :P)

Maddies puppies 4 weeks & Nubias 1 week!

I'm going to write mostly in English from now on so that international family and friends can follow the words as well as the photos :p  I have had a couple of busy weeks with the puppies now. Two litters at ones when there is a toddler running around is not recommended! *lol* Enough of that...

Another week gone! Wow! Time is really racing!
Here is our gorgeous little hopefuls

Maddie and Kingston puppies:

Nubia & Rasmus puppies: