søndag 7. november 2010

...Really, more yarn?

Eh.. Yes Really!

The thing is, our Christmas set - The Born In A Barn and Sweetiebird Fashions collaboration I posted a while back - was too small for BunBun! I was sooo sad that I managed to measure her wrong. When it arrived, I was so blown away by the fabulous making that I was devestated when I found out it was too small.
I contacted the wonderful WAHMs - and amazingly enough they agreed to make DD another set in a size up! Im soo happy! Thank you both, Beth and Sarah - you have made our X-mas!

Now a this gorgeousness in a size 2T will be my lil BunBun's x-mas outfit :) My mama will knit her a longies to match the dress :)

 "12 Days of Christmas"

And if that was not enough...

My mama bought us these wonderful ... a time to dye "Girly sraps" dye ends on Licorice Twist. They are forthe making of Buns very own "scrappy style" longies!

  Yarn lovers craze! It's ludicrous! It's wonderful!

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