søndag 28. november 2010


A wonderfully weird and cute name for a clothdiaper brand ey? Well, I have been wanting to try one for ages but never really had "mac time" at the stocking or often just plainly forgot! I guess that is what happens when cash run low or when you have MORE than enough diapers for a LO....
Love her website, love her taste in fabrics and combos this evening I somehow managed to get 2 - yes TWO of them... One for Bun and one for a future LO These highly stalked diapers are made of:

Outer: Cotton interlock

Middle: Bamboo terry

Inner: Soooft microfleece from Malden Mills

For Bun - Purple Fairy Funk Size M.

For a future LO or as gift  - Teasing Fairy Size NB.

Check out her wonderfully fresh store and keep an eye out for her next stocking - liking her FB page might give you a heads up

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